March| Green, silver, silver, green, yellow, green
April| Turquoise, silver, turquoise, turquoise, green, turquoise
April| Silver, yellow, green, green, green, silver
May| Green, turquoise, silver, silver, turquoise, silver
May| Yellow, turquoise, green, green, silver, green
January| Turquoise, silver, green, silver, silver, turquoise
January| Silver, silver, turquoise, turquoise, silver, turquoise
January| Green, green, silver, silver, turquoise, turquoise, silver, turquoise, yellow
January| Green, green, green, green
February| Silver, turquoise, turquoise, silver, green, yellow
February| Green, green, silver, green, turquoise, silver, green …

Untitled|two seventeen

‘Less the childhood, more the place / and the childhood of the place; / and through the childhood of the place / the present: the present people.’

Christian—worship| Nightfall Sunday—Pittura infamante—Red Riding Hood was raped;| soft pencil a little flax and paint flakes| but not fast enough for| the two hanged men.
Fever Ray, When I Grow Up | Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Rabid, 2009)
—Oh sweet singer—
‘She cut roses … the smell – unpleasant to the nose – of democracy.’
Sleep—under water (far flung)
‘Sweet-smelling blooms with soft, meadowy textures: scented freesias, alstroemerias and wildflower foliage.’
Tanzania Burka Estate Peaberry Powder
The coat hanger
Vitamin B12
Wednesday 30 May – Saturday 1 June, 1935 [End of inserted pages]

Untitled|one seventeen

Elizabeth Bishop, Poems (Chatto & Windus, 2011)
Depeche Mode, Delta Machine (Columbia Records, 2013)
Frost. The diaries vision—rehearsal; absence.
Jackdaw, pigeon and tawny owl.
True laurel
‘ … a silver Lexus one aboard … 10 4 … a white male … copy … in a second … copy … oh! I’m sorry he is an Asian female 1979 … copy … a white male impact 750 … 10 4 … breathing but not conscious … the location is … a type 4 overdose … copy … 31 Taylor and Ellis … copy … 47 outside … copy … there is a 602 at … go ahead … 10 4 thank you … copy …’

‘ … but we have found out forever / that blood smells only of blood.’

Rehearsal—His borrowed days / the thing he shall never have again / stupidly very attractive / by dint of the vulgar reasons of the state.
The ‘Strathpuffer 24’ hour Mountain Bike Endurance Event … #XCisntDEAD


Any confession – and the sacrament of reconciliation

‘… each sky provides / the light for true compassion / Paradise can not hold for long.’

A segment of orange at half time
Larch needles
Joseph Szabo, Almost Grown (Harmony Books, 1978 – see Blogroll)
The Masque of Blackness
The Rosetta space probe’s last shadow; the one cast seconds before it touched down on comet 67P|Churyumov-Gerasimenko and fell silent.
Stefan Zweig, Beware of Pity (Pushkin Press, 2013)


Heather Cassils—Tiresias, 2010
Jean Follain—in Ciaran Carson, From Elsewhere (Chrysanthemums)
Tom Ford Dir., Nocturnal Animals
‘Fiction enables us to grasp reality and at the same time that which is veiled by reality.’ (Marcel Broodthaers)

I sometimes wish … I could join the geese in the sky; fly in their vee to a stubble-field where we would huddle together, rest and sleep for the night.
Franz Marc—Sleeping Deer, 1913
Klaus Nomi—Total Eclipse, 1981
NHS paramedics
Rose Castile Olive Oil Soapnut Soap (with Superfine pink French clay)
Scottish tablet


Marcel Broodthaers, Signatures (—shake with their name.)
Counsel (Mascot)
Ethiopia Konga Grade 1 Yirgacheffe Powder (Spanish galleon)
Graham Fagen, Come into the Garden / And forget about the War (The fir tree speaks: ‘In winter – on Ash Wednesday – I congeal before the Cross and become soap.’)
Flannelette nightshirts (Myxomatosis)

The city breaks up. The voice of the city is ‘cut glass.’

Joseph Kosuth, Five Words in Red Neon (in—Le Diverticule des Félins—the Chamber of the Felines)
Paynes Grey (Grey, the sweetest of colours; even green looks grey here – the trees!)
Rainbows (Jigsaw)
Secession (One day last week I sent a letter of thanks to the sky with an autumn leaf as a postage stamp.)
Robert Walser, Looking at Pictures (‘Have you seen a woman / Carrying the corpse of autumn? / Have you seen a woman / Rubbing her face on the pavement, / Weaving a dress / With threads of rain? / People / Are burnt-out coals / On the pavement.’ —Adonis)

The face of the city is cold.